Here's the lowdown on all the free shows during Mosaic Music Weekend 2016

Here's the lowdown on all the free shows during Mosaic Music Weekend 2016

With the return of the Mosaic brand, this time as Mosaic Music Weekend, it's another promise of an exquisite treat to live music like nothing else.

While the ticketed shows are still promising — it's hard to beat Patrick Wolf and Lisa Hannigan in just one night — that obviously should not be the "be all, end all" of your live music plans this weekend.

Mosaic Music Weekend will be hosting a cavalcade of free shows you can't miss, and seriously, this line-up is amazing. 

Here are the acts performing through the weekend, and we suggest you stick around for most of them — especially The Analog Girl, who will be previewing new music from her long-gestating upcoming album. 

September 1st (Thursday)

Oliver von Essen Piano Trio feat. Alemay Fernandez

Esplanade Concourse | 6.45pm, 7.45pm & 8.40pm

The vivacious jazz trio teams up with veteran jazz singer Alemay Fernandez for a sensuous set of ballads and ingenious covers of pop songs.


Throwback R&B Thursday

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 7.30pm & 9pm

"R&B" and "throwback" should be two prime activation terms for you to go and watch.


September 2nd (Friday)


Esplanade Concourse | 8.15pm & 10.15pm

Anise's fascinating storytelling through gentle acoustic passages and her alluring vocal performances are always a delight. Her debut EP Inward was a standout last year. 

Cheating Sons

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 8.45pm & 10pm

The band behind our favourite Singaporean album of 2015 is a visceral, cinematic force live, and you're always off better watching them at every sporadic performance date they land.


Dru Chen

Esplanade Concourse | 7pm & 9.15pm

Many artists love flirting with funk and R&B to incorporate into pop music, but make no mistake, Dru Chen is the real deal. A must-see.



Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 7.30pm

Singer-songwriter LEW has certainly attracted attention due to his sensitive pop songwriting, and as the "singing cop" tag that he's gained recently. His live performances see him building upon his folk-pop sound, and it is already an arresting combination for many fans.


September 3rd (Saturday)

Oh, Flamingo!

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 7.30pm & 8.40pm

Hailing from the Philippines, we've caught these guys on their home turf before, and they certainly know how to work a crowd with their jaunty and anthemic brand of indie rock. Their intense live energy and tight musicianship are worth a watch alone. Read about Oh, Flamingo! on the Bandwagon Guest List here.


Randolf Arriola

Esplanade Concourse | 6pm & 7pm

The veteran Singaporean musician has mastered the art form of looping. Must be seen to be believed.


Riot !n Magenta

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 10pm

A live favourite here, Riot !n Magenta will spellbind audiences yet again, but we're just hoping to hear some new songs (...please?)


The Analog Girl

Esplanade Concourse | 8.15pm & 9.10pm

An act confirmed to be debuting new tracks, it's always good to hear from Singapore's premier electronica maestro — although that sub-genre barely does her justice. A must-see, indeed.


September 4th (Sunday)


Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 7.15pm & 8.15pm

Well-regarded for his repertoire of tender indie rock tunes, DEON is set to take the stage months after performing to thousands at The Coliseum, opening for Icelandic indie-pop band Of Monsters and Men. This show will also mark his band's final performance with bassist Stasha Wong.


Leslie Low

Esplanade Concourse | 6pm

The venerable singer-songwriter, best known as the frontman of Humpback Oak and The Observatory, will perform from his contemplative body of solo work. 

Leslie Low feat. Sean Lam

Esplanade Concourse | 7pm

As if Leslie Low isn't enough, he'll also be joined by Hanging Up The Moon mastermind Sean Lam. These kind of back-to-back sets are the stuff of legends, so don't miss out.



Esplanade Concourse | 8pm & 9pm

His instrumental dexterity is best depicted in his latest album Colourless Fields — dabbling in beautiful folk passages and assertive ambient sounds and we're expecting a live performance no less wondrous and beautiful.



Esplanade Outdoor Theatre | 9.20pm

A stunning blend of post-rock, jazz and progressive metal, T-Rex is the best live band performing in Singapore right now with no album to their name.