How the Last Saturday of March is All About “Celebrating Women in Recovery”

How the Last Saturday of March is All About “Celebrating Women in Recovery”

March is Women's History Month and it is a special time where women of the world are reminded of how widely they must be celebrated, and are encouraged to be bold in many ways. Following this, the Seagull House in Tagaytay honors women in the recovery community through ‘Celebrating Women in Recovery’ this Saturday, March 25.  

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“Women are considered as a special population in recovery. As an example, women in recovery encounter greater stigma, face different barriers in getting help and recover differently than men,” shares Therese Castillo, M.S. (Cand.), ICAP I, Clinical Services Head for Seagulls Flight Foundation. “Being in this field, we've met a lot of strong, beautiful and bold women (mothers, spouses, daughters, sisters, etc) despite the struggles in this journey. We wanted this event to be way of recognizing their strength and women power. “

This event centers on creative media to speak about the good and not-so good aspects of recovery. Activities, like live music, storytelling, dance and art, are available in an outdoor setting with an intimate picnic theme. Join Carina Silerio, a certified yoga teacher for hot yoga, Vinyasa and kids yoga. Dance to fitness through Zumba with the most energetic Giselle -- movement to "go girl!" dance music. Attend short mindfulness exercise by Sunshine from Before the day ends, catch Cucay Pagdilao as she closes the event with a special acoustic set.

"Promoting wellness is also promoting recovery,” adds Therese. “Part of this event are interactive booths that allow conversations about women and recovery in general. Expect to find booths like 'Keep Asking Why: Why Women Why?', 'Be the Hero' (I can empower women by…), 'Declare your Affections to Women in Recovery' (Write/receive a letter of hope and affirmation […] collected from advocates of recovery), 'Make a Beautiful Mess', a community art wall, and Points of You, a one-on-one coaching game as a sneak peak to the Recovery Retreat.”

Soon to be launched in April, the Recovery Retreat is an initiative by Seagulls Flight Foundation for anyone who wants to take a break from the busy world and give priority to self discovery. Just like ‘Celebrating Women in Recovery,’ the retreat is a pre-event for Recovery Month 2017.

“Recovery Month is really observed every September, but we took this opportunity to focus on different populations and issues related to recovery by distributing it as monthly themes prior to the recovery month observance,” Therese explains. “We're looking at events and activities centered on Youth and Recovery in April, Families and Recovery in May, LGBT in Recovery in June, Working in Recovery in July, Mental Health and Recovery in October, and a lot more in the drawing board.”

The events, however, are not only for those who are part of the recovery community, but also for those who would like to learn more about recovering from addiction and mental health issues. 

“We are hopeful that it will spark interest in anyone who would like to learn more about the recovery and celebrate with us,” says Therese. “The more people understand recovery, the better we can treat each other with love and respect.”

‘Celebrating Women in Recovery’ is happening from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at Seagulls House, Ridgeview Subdivision, Iruhin, Tagaytay City. Registration is at 599 PHP inclusive of lunch and 2 snacks. For more information, visit their event page and send them a message or drop them an email at