I Don't Know About My Dreams: The Analog Girl Exclusive Video Premiere

Fans of the sonically-stimulating world of The Analog Girl have been waiting quite awhile for any new releases from her, and it seems (we hope) we won't have to wait much longer. Yes, she's mentioned some new tracks in the making, but in the meantime here's a new treat for old fans to ease the fervent anticipation.

Now we've another way to revisit her beloved album Tonight Your Love from four years back, especially with the dreamy and melancholic favourite 'Someone Like You'. This new 'music film' by Eric Lee captures the track's narrative in a fresh interpretation, its artistically muted black-and-white tones complementing Mei's intoxicating vocals and her dynamic array of sonic textures.

While the short film had us simply soaking in its pensive and desolate atmosphere, we couldn't help but wonder at the upside-down shots of text, which got progressively disorienting. Perhaps it was a manifestation of the general sense of vague ambiguity throughout the narrative, which had us speculating right to the end.

The short film sets the mood for the song perfectly and gives us new narrative angles to think about, but it certainly leaves much room for interesting interpretations. What are yours? Check out the 'Someone Like You' video premiere here:

'Someone Like You' is a track off the album Tonight Your Love, which can be streamed and bought on The Analog Girl's Bandcamp page.