Ignite! Music Festival 2013 Special

Republic Polytechnic's annual music festival IGNITE! is here again, and it's bigger than ever. As the largest (and the most professional) student-driven music event around, the festival has grown at an exponential rate from its humble beginnings in 2008, with acts such as Jack & Rai, Electrico and Caracal performing in the first instalment with only 3500 attendees.

This year, IGNITE! shoots for the stars, aiming to gather an audience of 10,000 by featuring 16 amazing acts across two days. It's the 6th iteration this year, with Passion and Compassion being the main themes of the festival, adding the dimension of live music for a good cause. The festival has always been about noble objectives - providing a major platform for local bands, exposing students to the local music, and arming students with the skills and hands-on experience they need to organise an event of this scale. 

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The bands in this year's iteration are an impressive mix of the old and new, a lineup that should please everyone - ranging from the hypnotic soundscapes of Arajua to the visceral tunes of Caracal. Stay tuned for more Ignite! fest features on Bandwagon!

Day 1 | Aug 23

Day 2 | Aug 24

Ignite! Music Festival 

Republic Polytechnic

Aug 23 & 24