Ignite! Music Festival 2014

It was another good year for IGNITE! Music Festival, held at Republic Polytechnic. The annual festival has kept to their promise to continually excite, inspire, and ignite a spark in the local music arena. This year brought in some new and familiar names to the line-up - the returning Caracal, The Sam Willows, Bear Culture, 53A, and ORANGECOVE, and Aspectrum saw a whole crop of loyal and new fans. Others such as Charlie Lim, Stopgap, wyd:syd, Gentle Bones, ANECHOIS, Pleasantry, Shigga*Shay and Knightingale who won their spot on the Ignite! stage drew a lot of attention from the crowd. Keeping it diverse, the IGNITE! folks kept a good mix of genres in the line-up to ensure that there would be something for everyone - and indeed it was. 

Also returning to Ignite! is the Bandwagon booth where we had a supply of glowsticks and stickers to give out over the two days. We thank all those who stopped by for a chat and for clearing our limited supply of glowsticks. We always look forward to meeting and hanging out with our friends and followers, and we hope to repeat this experience again soon.

It was all music and fun up North but much has to be credited to hardworking crew and staff at IGNITE! and The Republic Cultural Centre who ensured the festival ran smoothly for our enjoyment. Here is us taking our hats off to the folks who have made IGNITE! a great experience. 

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