Ignite Music Festival Special: Enec.e

Described as an infusion of dark pop and indie rock, Enec.e is one band to look out for. After winning Thunder Band Slam in 2012, they've gone on to take on the mentorship programme for Noise 2013. Now who's ready to hear what Enec.e has to offer us? We certainly are. Here's the band in the spotlight for Ignite Festival!

Hi Enec.e, what are you up to these days?

Hello! We’ve been busy prepping for some minor and major gigs like the Noise showcase and Ignite Music Festival. We’re also currently working on our EP, which we’ll be recording pretty soon.

You guys have been pretty busy, winning Thunder Band Slam in 2012, taking part in the mentorship programme for Noise Singapore 2013, on top of gigging! How has that been so far?

It definitely has been enriching. We’ve met so many talented individuals and bands in the music industry, everyone has been so welcoming to us, showering us with support and providing us with so much advice. We’re extremely thankful for all the guidance and opportunities that have been put in our paths; it’s all very surreal and mind-blowing. 

How was it like working with Leonard Soosay at Snakeweed Studios? 

Leonard is a really chill guy. He’s honest in what can be improved for each of our individual parts, and not to forget he’s really patient and understanding. He’s completely open to ideas and always offers suggestions. It’s comfortable because he’s friendly and he understands what results we are aiming for. Plus the cats are always something to look forward to at the studio. 

We really enjoy your eclectic choices of songs that you cover on your YouTube page. Do you all listen to the same stuff and how do you agree on what to cover?

We’re actually all on the far ends of our music preferences. For example Shafiq’s into post rock, Michelle’s into indie rock and electronic, Lisa and Tim are both into R&B and die-hard John Mayer fans, and Alek’s into jazz. So far our choices for our covered songs have all been random last minute decisions, we never usually plan. 

After IGNITE and Noise Singapore, what is next for Enec.e?

We’ve got a couple of smaller gigs lined up, and then we’ll be taking a break to camp in the studios to complete the recording of our EP.

In your own words, describe your sound.

Lyrically speaking there are hints of rather heavy hearted vibes in the songs, with the various melodies from each instrument and vocal harmonies, we just want to create sounds that are able to move people. Our songs are about long lost memories and forgotten conversations.

Last question: What IGNITEs you? 

The collaboration of different sounds and styles when we come together as a band to create something. The fusion from experimenting, and then finally finding what we like, it’s always exhilarating. 

Ignite! Music Festival 2013

August 23
Republic Polytechnic