Ignite Music Festival Special: Tiramisu

It's an audio-visual treat every time you catch experimental/indie-rock band Tiramisu. With vibrant, oddball costumes combined with 'aimless surprises and spontaneity', you'll never, ever get bored in a Tiramisu show. They return to the Great Gig In The North once again in this year's Ignite Festival, and we couldn't have been more pleased to speak with them ahead of their appearance this Friday. Checkkit! 

Hey Tiramisu! What have you guys been up to nowadays?

We have been busy writing, composing, and experimenting with new materials in the studio. Apart from that we are working very closely with Max Lane from Syndicate who will be co-producing our new EP, to be released by the end of this year. We are super excited about this.

How was the experience playing Ignite Festival for the first time last year?

At first we were really nervous, we didn't know what to expect from the crowd. When we stepped onstage and saw the audience, we just absorbed their energy and went with it. We were amazed by the size of the stage and the super amazing stage crew who handled the event like true professionals. The difference playing in front of a younger crowd is that it makes you younger somehow; it felt like as if we were bridging the gap, and it made us realise that music is really not about the age. It is a form of communication, and communication has no expiry date.

We saw a couple of very intriguing jamming videos with Max Lane posted on your Facebook page recently, tell us more about them!

We have been working extensively with Max Lane in the last couple of months. We got really bored in the studio, so we thought of finding new possibilities in songwriting, plus we have wanted to work with Max Lane for the longest time. It has been quite an amazing experience, as we started to deconstruct some of our old tracks - and suddenly the songs sounded new and crisp. Like as if they went for a facelift. If songs need to go for transformation, Max Lane is the musical surgeon.

Will we be hearing some new material in your upcoming show in Ignite? 
We will be presenting a couple of new tracks for the gig, as you know we write our songs in the most ‘haphazard’ way possible. We just love to combine things that are not meant to be together and we embrace that awkwardness. Some of our new tracks are really strange; that is our drive really, to find the normalcy in the depths of our strange experimentation.

What is it about your theatricality and humour onstage that keeps Singaporeans coming back for more?

Music is not only about hearing, especially in the context of live music; it is an event that has to be experienced. It is the duty of every musician/performer to bring that to the stage and keep the audience on the edge of the seats or their feet.

Perhaps for Tiramisu, every performance that we play is like a special occasion, as much as possible we try to put in as much effort in the presentation. The theatricality came out from an idea we had 10 years ago, when we were discoursing on how to present our music if it was to be in a visual format. So we started to dress up in the strangest way possible, and it worked, we felt like we were presenting a brand new animal. As for the humour bit, it came naturally; we are like a reflection of what they are or what they are not. It is either the audience are laughing at us or laughing with us. A concept/strategy we feel comfortable and keep us on our creative edge and our principle of ‘do-not-be-boring’.

After 15 years of playing live, how do you guys keep every Tiramisu show fresh and unpredictable?

The costumes. We try not to repeat what we wear if possible; hence having a group member working with a theatre company has its perk. The unlimited usage of their wardrobe makes it more exciting for every show. Every show is like a festive occasion, and no matter what, we have to make it look like we are going for a house visiting, and the guests are the audience.

Last question: what Ignites you?

…the passion to perform as long as this body has the will to move, the mind has something to say and the heart remains sincere.

Tiramisu @ Ignite Music Festival 2013
23rd August
Republic Polytechnic