Indomitable Crescendos: sleepmakeswaves Live Video Premiere

We're still reeling over that cathartic April night at TAB with the powerful, wondrous sounds of sleepmakeswaves washing over us. The heavy post-rock quartet's tight melodies and intricate rhythms come together in hypnotic ripples — between delicate intimacy and tempestuous passion, all while packing in copious amounts of groove. Cementing their unique sound is the band's masterful incorporation of electronic textures into the midst of their enveloping guitar distortions, one more special ingredient which helps construct the fascinatingly dynamic soundscape the band is known for.

On the night they performed here for their Love of Cartography tour, the packed room of crowds and perspiration didn't matter. The spectacular music, dazzling lights and the chill yet spirited vibes oozing from the band made a once-in-a-lifetime, overwhelming experience. And with any once-in-a-lifetime experience comes the desire to capture it, to relive those inimitable moments again and again. 

Of course that masterful level of feeling and atmosphere is difficult to encapsulate, but with the impressive skills of 65 Spectrums in this live video premiere, it doesn't seem too hard after all. Blast it, enlarge it, transport yourself back to the awesome times, and blow your mind once again with 'Perfect Detonator' — an explosive track that lives up to its name.


Love of Cartography is available on their Bandcamp page in digital, CD and vinyl formats. You can follow 65 Spectrums on Facebook.