Inside Out with Beijing-Bound Take Two and SA + A Giveaway!

Singapore: Inside Out is a multi-city traveling showcase organised by Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and non-profit organization SGMUSO, happening between April to November 2015, that celebrates and ensemble Singapore's contemporary creative talents with cross-disciplinary works of local talents across a spectrum of the creative industries and disciplines. The vibrant cities of Beijing, London and New York will be playing host to our local talents in the following months. 

With two exciting bands set to fly out of Singapore pretty soon to showcase their music in Beijing, we had to catch up with Take Two and SA to see what they will be up to, and prep them up in the band marketing department. 

We also have a giveaway of exclusive merch by the bands so simply fill up the form below and soon you can be expecting some goodies filling up your mailboxes! Simply leave a message of encouragement for the band and we'll track down the best reply. 

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Going overseas to represent Singapore (and not for sports) - how does it feel like?


David: I feel like Joseph Schooling, just that we haven't won anything or made Singapore proud yet. Okay maybe not Joseph Schooling, but it is a great honor to represent Singapore - especially since this time round we know the native language of the country we're visiting! 

Paddy: It's a bit scary cause you want to put your best foot forward and you don't want to screw up and let everyone down like that one useless group mate that you always have during project work in school. But we are really honoured and happy to be playing overseas. It has always been an aspiration to play abroad and hopefully this won't be the last time, for us and all other Singaporean bands alike!


We feel very lucky to be chosen by SGMUSO and the panel to get to represent in Beijing! We’re glad to be able to share our music beyond the shores of Singapore, especially because we have been trained professionally in China and Hong Kong, this feels like a homecoming of sorts. But we get to show our culture as Singaporeans, bringing a new and unique sounds to where our instruments originate from. 

What are 5 things you look forward to doing/seeing/experiencing on the trip?


David: I'm going to hit up some vintage music shops - maybe find some vinyl or old instruments.

Paddy: Meeting local musicians and people, food, flea markets, getting heckled for my terrible Mandarin and the lovely spring weather.

Jeryl: food, escaping from the Singapore heat, practising our near-non-existent mandarin skills, playing our music to the local crowd, and food!

John: THE WEATHER!! The temperature is just perfect in Beijing right now; cool enough to not sweat when walking around, warm enough to not have to bundle up like a pau. 


1. Looking forward to travelling with Take Two, SGMUSO and Observatory, experiencing Singapore: Inside Out as a whole. We will be so proud of all our compatriots! 

2. Performing of course! We love being on stage!

3. We have a habit as a band of having (羊肉串 - Kallang Road) for supper after jamming/rehearsal so we are looking forward to the real deal in Beijing! 

4. We also often get China Massages after rehearsals late into the night, so we're excited to do that too

5. Traveling together for sure! 

Let’s prep you guys before the trip, sell yourselves as a band:


David: We are THE BEST BAND IN SINGAPORE, right after Charlie Lim, Monster Cat, Inch, Sam Willows, Stopgap, ANECHOIS, Pleasantry, SA, Hubbabubbas, Great Spy, Electrico, The Observatory and about 50 more.

Paddy: We challenge anyone to the following games: Vain Glory, DotA 5.84c, Clash of Clans, World of Tanks, Halo 4, Gunbound, Maplestory and any other game you wish to get your butt kicked in. We also throw the gauntlet for the following challenges: Bread Bake-off, DIY Card-making Challenge, SPSS Wizardry Contest, Carousell Deal-Hunting Competition and Sailing. Your move, world.

David ALTERNATIVE ANSWER: I think one of the band's strengths is that each of us are really committed, and we put in our 100% into each project/gig/festival/tour/campaign. This comes across in our music and the way the band operates - like a well-oiled machine - that thrives on puns.


1. Each instrument is merely the start of an exploration of sound with SA, each of our original compositions is a bold experience fusing traditional elements with modern techniques 

2. Each piece, every show is unique, everything is triggered live, every performance is a risk to interpret our identity 

3. 1All 3 of us received professional training in our traditional instruments in China and Hong Kong but our sound is uniquely Singaporean