Instagram Accounts of Musicians You Should Follow

Social media is a great way for musicians to connect with their fans all around the world. Effectively, the once-substantial gap between maker and beholder is irrevocably reduced - Twitter gives you a some insight of their thoughts while Instagram lets you see from their eyes. Some of their Instagram accounts though are downright hilarious, totally weird and definitely interesting. Here are some people in music who have the best ones around! 

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Ezra Koenig

An Instagram to match his equally wacky Twitter account, you'll find the strangest collection of selfies (and the best too), as well as the wittiest and perplexing captions by the Vampire Weekend frontman. After all, a #selfie is only acceptable when accompanied with a good caption. 

Patrick Carney

The Black Keys' drummer's Instagram account is truly an oddity. His fascination with the outlandish comes in phases; there was the Bruce Jenner period (where he solely uploads a variety of pictures and portraits of the former Kardashian patriarch), the make-up face (pictures of men with make-up photoshopped), the masking phase (pictures of the Female Masking phenomena) and many more to be discovered. He's a weird one. We love it.

MC Hammer

More unintentionally funny, there are so many questions - why is hanging out with wounded marines and old white couples? Why is there a picture of a lion and lioness with the caption "Every King needs a Queen's Love"? Why?

Taylor Swift

It's amazing how her Instagram matches her music - baking cupcakes, making pancakes, girls' night in, putting on make-up, cute cats, garden parties, etc. Pretty saccharine and #blessed stuff. 

Bethany Cosentino

Contains lots of #ootd, selfies with glasses, "i just woke up" selfies, high-waisted things, ironic clothing, ironic things, selfies by bodies of water. Yeah, this Best Coast hipster queen is repping her semi-charmed life pretty well. 

Ed Droste

Between balancing the wacky selfies, funny stuff, and sometimes cameo of famous friends, we believe that this Grizzly Bear frontman is a pretty good photographer. Check out his landscape and travel pictures - he's almost always somewhere with hills, mountains, green grass, and pretty trees. A #nature lover. 

Stevie Wonder 

#truly, #nofilter.