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Learn how to protect your creative work with an IP workshop featuring MICappella

Learn how to protect your creative work with an IP workshop featuring MICappella

As a musician, having to understand the importance of intellectual property (IP), and how it plays a crucial role in the creation and distribution of their work, is an arduous but fruitful endeavour.

For every album with objectively creative ideas comes a barrage of imitators willing to steal some of these ideas, and it's the job of the original content creator to protect their work. This is where knowledge of intellectual property becomes so, so useful.

The National Arts Council (NAC), in partnership with IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore), will be helping to promote and educate the use of IP with a series of workshops.

The first one, CreaTIPs for Music, begins on April 6th, with acclaimed vocal group MICappella and litigation lawyer Benjamin Ang.

"NAC seeks to strengthen professionalism in the arts, while developing artists and arts groups in various capacities," says NAC in a press release. "This partnership with IPOS is an opportunity to promote greater awareness and a deeper understanding of Intellectual Property (IP), and to inculcate the importance of IP protection in the arts."

There are limited slots available for the workshop, but there's still room for more sign ups. Registration is free.

While this workshop is happening really soon, IPOS has an entire month's worth of activities planned, in commemoration of World Intellectual Property Day. Find the full list here.

Watch the music video for MICappella's newest music video, 'One Of These Days':