Korg has customized a musical keyboard for Singapore

Korg has customized a musical keyboard for Singapore

An awesome part of musical technology has been the invention of the musical keyboard, a fluid and endlessly fun instrument that allows the mimicry of several instruments across the timbre spectrum — piano, drums, synthesizers, string, percussion and more.

The gamut of instruments in general run high, but we haven't seen keyboards able to reproduce the sounds of several Asian instruments. With leading keyboard manufacturer Korg, not only have they recognized the gaping omission of such instruments, but they've taken the opportunity to customize a keyboard just for Singapore. 

Presenting the PA600SG, a Singaporean extension of their lauded classic PA600, Korg has pre-loaded "31 localised ethnic instrument sounds from the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities", all addressed with "an extraordinarily powerful wave memory, delivering amazingly high quality sounds."

Find out more info about the PA600SG here.

Watch a demonstration of the new keyboard by Korg: