Laneway 2013 Special: The Reaction

Post 7pm last night, the Interwebs kinda went crazy. The Laneway Singapore lineup was finally revealed in its entirety and the internet was a flurry of overused exclamation marks, uppercase lettering, retweeting, extremely vocal Tame Impala fans and uh, crazy people. Mostly happy. While I quietly chuckled at the Kimbra fans on my Newsfeed, I was genuinely enjoying watching people's reactions. We gathered some of them. Verbatim.

Rueven Tan | Bandwagon Team photographer

"OMG!!! KING OF CONVENIENCE AND OF MONSTER AND MEN!! it's like in my ipod la both of them. KOC is really good to listen when i'm like shooting landscape n exploring singapore alone... chilling alone kinda of music. Of monster and men, i listen a few of their music, not too bad... very funky. I listen to it whenever i go running. =DD"

Olivia Griselda | Bandwagon Team writer

A few weeks ago, as I watched the Australian line-up video for Laneway Festival 2013, my stomach got terribly queasy.  It was the unease over which of these listed acts will make it to Singapore. At long last, my stomach could unknot itself. I am smiling because the acts that I have wished for will be stopping by Singapore! It will be like meeting old friends again with Kings of Convenience, watching Erlend Oye do his quirky dance moves. However, the two acts that I am most looking forward to are Alt-J and Real Estate. Blending in multiple genres, Alt-J’s music is refreshing and constantly surprises. Meanwhile, Real Estate’s laidback tunes will serve as a perfect complement to the sunny weather of Singapore (or will the rain strike back again?)

Jason Song | Bandwagon Team writer

Kings of Convenience in an open field? Not sure how I feel about that, but I'm really stoked about Of Monsters and Men. The lineup has returned to a more familiar folk appeal in comparison with the electronica centric list of yesteryear.

Daniel Peters | Bandwagon Team writer

Unfortunately I was stuck in Tekong when the line-up was announced, but as soon as I woke up the next morning I checked my email and I could not stop grinning for at least a full minute. Three time's the charm for the good people at Chugg; this line-up RULES! I can't say I'm a big fan of Gotye and Kimbra being included (I don't hate THAT song, just FYI), but the inclusion of acts like Alt-J, Real Estate, Cloud Nothings, Nicolas Jaar, Japandroids and Tame Impala is already exciting enough for me. Looking forward to chugging beers and loudly singing along to Adrenaline Nightshift!

Delfina Utomo | Bandwagon Lead Editor

Yey Real Estate! That's it. 

I joke. While the endless raving did overwhelm me a little (I had an asthma attack last night. But non-Laneway related I swear), I did pick up on emoting though, as I collated the playlist. There's a very good Divine Fits song somewhere, and that new one from Bat For Lashes, just finished being educated on Nicolas Jaar which was enriching, Tame Impala imma let the other ravers finish it for me, Side B songs by Japandroids, Cloud Nothings and Yeasayer are very decent, there is something from each band I look forward to. Except one, but you may ask me about this in confidence. Plus Laneway Singapore is gettin' some new digs yo. Moving house is always exciting. I heard it is much, much bigger than Fort Canning so you may come out now claustrophobes and agoraphobes. I think it's going to be a great day out on the twenty sixth day of January of the year 2013.

Ilyas Sholihyn | Bandwagon Editor

Eh Gardens At The Bay can smoke or not? That one important. Apparently not, says everyone else. What a shame, was really looking forward to drag on them cancer sticks while rocking out to Japandroids (or Real Estate. Or Cloud Nothings. Or Yeasayer. Or Tame Impala). There's just something about music festivals that make me want to puff like a Beijing industrial chimney. Regarding the lineup... yeah it's all good, but it's not really a dream line-up innit? I mean, what am I supposed to do when Gotye and Kimbra go do their Somebody I Used To Know schtick? Maybe I'll just hang back and have a few cigarettes. Oh wait...

Ranne Sanedrin | Super Gig Goer

The lineup's awesome. I've been looking forward to watching Kings of Convenience and Of Monsters And Men ever since they were announced in the Australian dates. It makes sense, especially for one of the acts like Gotye. Since to me, they're just a one-hit wonder, and the crowd would stay put, for those who just know 'Somebody That I Used To Know'.

Chris Jones | These Brittle Bones

Can't wait to see Alt-J, Of Monsters And Men, Bat for Lashes (♥), and I'll swoop by to see Gotye and Kimbra (I'm pretty sure they'll do a duet of their single "Somebody I Used To Know" as they are both exclusive to SG's Laneway! Really looking forward!

Chew Wei Shan | WEISH

The best laneway lineup in the history of mankind. It's going to be mind-blowing. No marny also must go.

Justin Koh | ANECHOIS

I really couldn't care less who was or wasn't on the Laneway lineup -- it's the only outdoor, rain-or-shine, crap beer in plastic cups and chicks in summer clothes (or less) indie music
deal in Singapore. Clicked "I'm Going" on Facebook 2 months ago. I did stalk Erlend Øye to a supper hang out in KL once so that's something I'd like to do again.

Here's some homework for y'all to do pre-Laneway. Yes, it comes in two parts.

How did YOU react? Who are you looking forward to watch the most? What do you think of Gardens By The Bay? What does your playlist look like? Tell us in the comments below!

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