Laurie Anderson played a concert for dogs

Laurie Anderson played a concert for dogs

Performance artist, Laurie Anderson, best known for her varying degrees of experimental work that revolves around her violin, keyboards and other unorthodox instruments, presented a show that was all-inclusive, but not in a way you'd think.

Situated in the middle of a busy Times Square in New York, Anderson and her collaborators set themselves up for a performance that was meant to attract a different kind of audience: dogs. The band performed a set that was written — and played at a frequency that was suitable — for canines.

Armed with a DIY instrument, her famous tape bow violin, she led her band into a set that was barely audible, traffic noise aside, unless you wore headphones that amplified the music being played to human hearing levels. 

The Guardian detailed the reactions on the ground, recounting the variety of dogs whose music-loving owners had been feeding them their own diet of records — one dog is reportedly a psych-rock fan while another was branded by her owner as a "cool jazz afficionado."

“Oh, it was lovely,” Anderson told The Guardian after the show. “There was so many types of dogs, I really hadn’t imagined that many would show up. I was really impressed.” This was not the first time the artist had performed "Music for Dogs", having done a similar performance outside the Sydney Opera House in 2010. 

Watch how the concert went at Times Square: