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Leslie Low drops two outstanding folk albums in one day — listen

Leslie Low drops two outstanding folk albums in one day — listen

Leslie Low is a certified legend in the Singapore music scene. From his seminal work in Humpback Oak to his more recent triumphs with The Observatory, the quietly intense frontman is celebrated for his brilliantly diverse body of work.

Now with the The Obs taking a tiny hiatus, it seems as if the creatively restless songwriter has a little more time and head space to focus on some of his long-gestating solo endeavours.

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Just yesterday, Leslie Low low-key released not one, but two, intimate folk albums via his Bandcamp, entitled Currents and To my shadow respectively. 

Gentle, soft-spoken and rife with poignant storytelling, both acoustic efforts connect word and memory with an unhurried approach that is resonant in its sincerity and unhurried in its beauty.

As Leslie Low reveals, the tracks on both records have been on the shelf for some time now. While To my shadow was written in July of last year, Currents was actually written, recorded and mixed in mid-2015.

We're always glad to welcome a Leslie Low release into our lives, but this double-dose is an extra special sonic treat.

Listen to both of Leslie Low's albums below, and purchase them on Bandcamp.