Linying goes independent with new streaming service, Linstening (APRIL FOOLS)

Linying goes independent with new streaming service, Linstening (APRIL FOOLS)


No, Linying is not establishing her own streaming service. Her music's still up on Spotify and Apple Music, and there's no confirmed vinyl release of Paris 12... yet.

In an astonishing move that would shake the foundations of the regional music scene, 22-year-old singer-songwriter Linying has unveiled her new music streaming service of her own, entitled Linstening.

“Honestly, this has been my one true goal all along,” says the singer-songwriter who recently wrapped her tour in the US, one that included an SXSW showcase and a couple of shows in New York and Los Angeles.

“This was really all just a cover for my business plans. In terms of growing as an artist, I realized that, at first, I had to be one in order to fully understand what I could do in terms of conceiving a shrewd business plan that would only work for me."

When asked how her service will be able to cope with licensing fees and artist payments, she said, “We’re gonna build a big beautiful low paywall, and we’re gonna make them pay for it.”

Plans start as low as $5 a month with the $15 plan for a questionable all new service called “3D-Listening.” If you sign up right now, she’s even willing to throw in a vinyl copy of Paris 12.

With the launch of Linstening, all distribution rights to other streaming services have been effectively revoked.

A spokesperson for Spotify has declined to comment, with the streaming behemoth only posting a notice on the now defunct artist page reading: “Linying’s entire discography is not currently available on Spotify and probably forever. We’re not even bothering on working on it and honestly, we couldn’t give a conceivable shit anymore.”