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LISTEN: Beast Jesus' debut EP riotously reassembles hardcore, shoegaze and post-metal

LISTEN: Beast Jesus' debut EP riotously reassembles hardcore, shoegaze and post-metal

Hailing from Quezon City in the Philippines, Diagnostic Records' chaotic and incredibly creative four-piece Beast Jesus have been turning heads all around the region with their latest EP entitled In Various States of Disassembly.

Vigorous, aggressive, uncompromising... and perhaps a little schizophrenic, the band is somehow able to deftly coalesce hardcore punk, shoegaze, screamo, post-metal and noise rock within their belligerent blender of visceral guitars and emotive vocals.

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Their Facebook page describes their sound as "Post-Internet", "Post-Left Anarcho Sass", "Shoegrinding", "Deep Web Sludge" and "Dreamo" - which is to say these guys are mad hard to characterize - and to be honest, we shouldn't even be trying to pigeonhole them.

Songs like 'Double Tuck' can be reverb-drenched while songs like 'Scoliosis Backbrace' can be unadulterated hardcore, and that's the beauty of Beast Jesus. They can go in and out of frenzy or melody deftly, which keeps you on your toes, and keeps them from following a formula.

In Various States of Disassembly literally deconstructs the tropes of heavy music give you something fresh, and for that we must give blessed praise to Beast Jesus.

Beast Jesus' In Various States of Disassembly EP is available via Bandcamp. In the meantime, you can stream it below.

Listen to their amazing cover of Joy Division's 'Shadowplay' below.

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