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LISTEN: Circarama goes wistful on new song, "Porcelain Sky"

LISTEN: Circarama goes wistful on new song, "Porcelain Sky"

Look at this cover art below:

And tell me what you think the band involved with this song sounds like. Well the band in question is Circarama and they hail from Jakarta. After a number of festival appearances and an EP (titled Limustaqarrin Laha, released back in April) to their name, Jugo Djarot (vokal, gitar), Eki Yuda Sena (drums), Rifaldi Moeli (bass/vocals), Faiz Mochamad Rais (guitar) have released a new song called 'Porcelain Sky,' as Rolling Stone Indonesia (who also premieres the track) points out. Helat Tubruk, the small label that hit its stride last year by putting out releases by indie rock bands Marsh Kids and Polka Wars, will keep Circarama running as they aim for an early-2017 release of their debut LP.

Track's pretty wistful; it's a folk-rock song wrapped by hazy instrumentation. Evoking mid-period The Byrds and Jefferson Airplane, I think Circarama's brand of psychedelia draws a lot from the 60s--particularly the idea of what the 60s sounds like.

Listen and download to 'Porcelain Sky' here.