LISTEN: FAUXE levels up with emotional debut album, Half of my Love

LISTEN: FAUXE levels up with emotional debut album, Half of my Love

There's nobody more prolific in the Singaporean electronic music scene than the relentless masked beatsmith FAUXE. With an insane solo (and collaborative) release schedule, the busy producer easily outpaces the rest of the pack with all the EPs and loosie singles (from the recent TOUR EP to the Beat Tape trilogy with Mediocre Haircut Crew, and much more) he's been putting out over the last couple of years.

Even then, with the wealth of music FAUXE has been dropping, his long-awaited debut LP is the one that has eluded him... until now. Released via Bandcamp yesterday, the ruminative and heart-rending offering, entitled Half of my Love, is the epic, thematically cohesive, freeform electronic album that FAUXE followers have been clamoring for for so long.

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Featuring 17 (!!!) deeply personal tracks, FAUXE bravely bares his innermost insecurities and tribulations here, and the raw emotional resonance definitely engages from the very beginning. As the beat-maker explains, "This was a tough journey to make for me. Going through the past 2 years finding what was important for me and most importantly, getting over the heart breaks and the disappointments."

Reflecting upon love and loss, the story of this album appears to be alternately pained and cathartic. "This body of work talks about my break up, my falls, my downs and everything in between. This was what I needed. To not just move on but understand that my love will always be split up between the two, and this is my journey towards discovering this."

The stirring LP also features a star-studded list of collaborators such as Anise, Mediocre Haircut Crew, Bravepaper, MONSTER CAT's Wang Wei Yang (aka Yllis) and Timmy Autumn, among many others.