Jakarta-based indie pop band Moonbeams release 'Coolibah '97'—listen

Jakarta-based indie pop band Moonbeams release 'Coolibah '97'—listen

After releasing their first single 'Dimensi Biru' last year, Jakarta-based indie pop band Moonbeams released their second single (17/4) through Leeds Records' Soundcloud account. Moonbeams consist of Edward James Tahalea (vocals, guitars), Haryo Widi Adhikaputra (bass), and Adwanie Faisal (drums). The song 'Coolibah '97' is taken from their forthcoming EP that will soon be released in CD format via Leeds Records.

Before releasing their EP, this single was also released in cassette format on this year's Record Store Day in limited quantities. The lyrics were written by Edward James Tahalea, which are about his childhood experience. Or as he explains:

A little picture about a blissful feeling, beautiful atmosphere and moment of a time that stayed with me eternally. I try to invite everyone to be able to feel happy and drift in memory. Coolibah, one afternoon, 1997."

I personally love the tune: It's very well arranged and I can relate to the emotions in the chord progressions. It really captures the feelings that Edward wanted to display. The bridge is beautiful beyond words, I enjoy it so much that I wish the duration were a bit longer. Nonetheless, it is a short but sweet piece of a tune, haven't heard such local acts succeed to deliver such feelings in quite a long time. Moonbeams are definitely one to watch.

Listen to the tune below: