LISTEN: The paralysing tranquility of Bennett Bay's newest single, 'Komorebi'

LISTEN: The paralysing tranquility of Bennett Bay's newest single, 'Komorebi'

We haven't heard much from Bennett Bay since his live debut at Neon Lights Festival, and alongside a collaborative set with Linying at the Esplanade, he's been quiet on all fronts. 

However, the promising instrumental guitarist has emerged from the woodwork — at least for the time being — to present us a single titled 'Komorebi'. And while it's not the same as his instrumental ambient demos last year, 'Komorebi' is just as pensive and blissful, especially with the addition of strings and horns, topped with serene vocals by guest singer Charlene Su and Bay himself.

While the track's stunning orchestral elements take a backseat in an unfortunately vocal-driven mix, it gives a good idea of Bennett Bay's pastoral and imaginative songwriting.

"If music can be the bridge towards healing and stronger interpersonal connections, then maybe there's a slight chance my music can do that too, and I'd want nothing more than to play at least a small part in that role — no matter how insignificant." 

— Bennett Bay

He has also confirmed that he'll be recording his debut album in the coming months, and 'Komorebi' will not be a part of it. But if this single is anything to go by, we can expect something intensely beautiful.

'Komorebi' will be officially released on April 8 on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. 

For now, stream the full track here:


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