Listen to Acapella Covers of Three Kanye West Albums (But It's Not What You Think)

Modern hip-hop icon/ultimate Beyonce supporter Kanye West has done many things in his public life that has raised a few eyebrows (and doubts about his sanity) but one thing's for sure — the guy works wonders in the studio. Whether if it is the sleek electro-R&B of 808s & Heartbreaks, orchestral grandeur of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy or the industrial-tinged aggression of Yeezus, Kanye has worked tirelessly resulting in some of the most ambitiously intricate hip-hop albums the mainstream has ever seen.

A Kanye West fan, who goes by the mysterious Soundcloud username of 'user 113291699', has stripped most of that away by attempting a capella covers of Kanye's last three full. We're not kidding. This guy must've spent some time (and long periods of religious listening, we presume) to recreate every last bit of vocals on all the albums, from Kanye West to Nikki Minaj to Bon Iver. He even tries to mimic the industrial beats on 'Black Skinhead'. +10 points of effort.

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However, it's not exactly the usual fancy a capella covers you would usually find on YouTube nowadays. Think less Pentatonix and more 'pre-2009 YouTube video of lonely teen in his dimly-lit bedroom with nothing but his Logitech webcam and a computer microphone'. The results? Hilarious! Stream below, with the original versions from Spotify for comparison.

808s & Heartbreaks

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy