Listen to Tom's Story meow their way through "Anchors"

Listen to Tom's Story meow their way through "Anchors"

Math rock trio Tom's Story dropped by Jam 88.3  last May 30 on what would be Mad Cat Midnight's final episode (for now, at least). The band spoke to host John Joe about the story behind Tom's Story, saving Manila with the help of Christian Bale, Edward Norton and Keanu Reeves, played a game of "Would you rather?", and meowed their way through one of their songs, 'Anchors'. 

In a conversation over chat, Degs of Tom's Story tells Bandwagon, "It was a memorable experience in a way, since we never really 'sing' our songs ever, well, in this case, meow. It was fun and interesting and memorable. Probably would never do it again if someone were to ask."

In a separate conversation, Tom says, "It was weird. We did it for the Caterwauls podcast before, but that one was totally a capella and embarrassing. Not that this was any less embarrassing, but there was a bit of guitar and a bit of bongos to make it less awkward. The meowing also made things a bit easier, and it was pretty silly in the end. Wouldn't trade a bass for meowing, though, unless I had the voice of a god or something. It's a pretty strange request actually, and even more awkward because you know, no lyrics and stuff."

Would they ever consider playing for an audience of cats (and dogs), though?

"If it wouldn't strain them, why not?" says Degs. "We love our pets and animals anyway! Hope they could bark/meow along if they know the songs!"

Check out the meowcapella version of 'Anchors':

Listen to the full episode here:

Tom's Story's self-tltled debut album is available via A Spur of the Moment Project. Buy it here.

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