Listening To Music In Unlikely Places: A Museum

Oh hey look, we're at A Museum.

We were on a roll finding unlikely places to listen to music to as well as bring our JBL gear out  but alas, the haze befell upon us. Still with a deadline looming, we shall push on. As you know with our previous outings (1 & 2), any chance to get away from our desks, we'll take it. To recap, we received some JBL products for being a Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 so hurrah, we're taking them out for a spin by listening to music in a series of unlikely places. This is the final instalment of the series, so we picked a pretty good looking place, and on a relatively minimal-haze day to finish off, hence, the museum. To accompany our arty outing, we chose the sleek JBL Flip. 

This is the JBL Flip: 

Slightly smaller than its counterpart, the JBL Flip possesses a a fuss-free aesthetic. In keeping with the minimalist design, the Flip does not have a USB connector unlike the Charge. Other than that, it's still very portable, Bluetooth-enabled and the sorts. It is because of its attractive design, all black with very little embellishments, that we chose it for today's outing because it was only apropos to bring it to monochrome rooms with high ceilings. Classy goods in classy rooms. This little unit can also be utilised vertically and horizontally, either way it doesn't lose any of the sound clarity it produces. Pretty impressive performance for a small speaker. 

We had to keep music-listening in museum rooms discreet but it was certainly a pleasure. Ottomans, big windows, good light, surrounded by works of art, great sound delivery from a neat set of portable speakers, if we could we'd stay here all afternoon. Hope you have enjoyed our outings and accompanying playlists, remember to vote for us. 

And as usual, we share with you our Arty Museum Day Out playlist!