Listening To Music In Unlikely Places: Construction Site

Oh hey look, we're at a Construction Site.

Unlike yesterday, today we were in the mood for something grittier. No more floaty secret garden vibes yo. Perhaps this could be attributed to the music playing in the office all afternoon. Regardless, any chance to be outdoors, we'll take it. Along with our choice of JBL speaker today, the JBL Charge. To recap, we received some JBL products for being a Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 so hurrah, we're taking them out for a spin by listening to music in a series of unlikely places. So that is why we have chosen you, the king of gritty places, the source of all grit: a Construction Site. 

This is the JBL Charge:

Shaped like a tall can of beer, it may less easy to hide this one compared to the Micro Wireless. Still, it's pretty compact and looks aesthetically sweet and simple too - it's built to be used both horizontally and vertically. And like most of their products, this one's Bluetooth enabled as well. Pretty and practical things, +10 for us. 

We don't really know why we picked the construction site and now that they were giving suspicious looks, we were really starting to doubt our decisions. There was something calming about this particular construction site. Firstly, it wasn't a noisy day. And there were a lot of open spaces - perfect to test the sound of the speakers. 

Amid the dust and staring workers, we were pretty much having a good time with our Construction Site Playlist. The speakers sound very good in a place like this and we were very happy. Until our self-consciousness got the better of us and we decided to escape the glare of the staff. Tough luck, when we got back way past lunchtime, our boss greeted us with: "You exploring Singapore ah?" Bummer. 

Here's our Construction Site Playlist: