Lucky TH1RT3EN with Megadeth

A certain thrash metal band called Megadeth will be hitting Singapore for the second time after their riotous first gig way back in 2007. Like how many place their first frisky encounters close to their hearts, Megadeth means a lot for me for many reasons.

First and foremost, they were THE band that got me hooked into metal and many of its subgenres. I was a curious 14-year-old who had his fair diet of rock music for a few years already. Graduated from the pop-punk stylings of Green Day and melancholic emo music of My Chemical Romance, I sought after music that was the perfect soundtrack for me, going under puberty. I started moving towards alternative metal with Rage Against the Machine and Nine Inch Nails, having heard their music through various game soundtracks. However, knowing there was faster and heavier music out there was seductive. Because I was young, I stayed within the confines in Christian metal believing secular metal was “evil". Flipping through bands, I found only a few that I genuinely enjoyed. However, browsing through Christian metal forums, I realized that these fans were also lovers of secular metal bands like Metallica and 
Megadeth. Back then I thought, “How is this possible?!” But then they explained to me in words that finally struck a chord with me.

Seeing how Megadeth had a Christian member (the brains himself Dave Mustaine, no less), I thought they would be a safe option. However, I began to see more than that. I loved their music; the unabashed, furious technical thrash metal of their early days, the more traditional heavy metal of their 90s career, and their modern rebirth. It is their seminal 1990 album Rust in Peace that remains to be my favourite metal album for many reasons that I shall not elaborate further, for fear this article may transform into a lengthy essay praising the many merits of that album. I shall contain the fanboy in me. Sit down, dude.

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Moving back to the subject, Megadeth was my gateway band into the vast world of metal, yet unlike most gateway bands, they’ve stuck with me somehow. Another milestone they hold in my life is that their first-ever concert here in our island way back in 2007 was also the first-ever metal concert I attended. Resuscitating an unbearably old phrase, but I can still remember it like it was yesterday. The environment was vastly different from Singapore Indoor Stadium, the only concert venue I was familiar with at that time. The cool, cool weather was blanketed in a thick layer of cigarette smoke. The atmosphere was frighteningly new yet attractive at the same time. It’s like being in a dangerous place yet you feel oddly comfortable. It’s something new, I told myself. I went with my older sister, also a fan of Megadeth (partly due to my persistence). As the band got on stage to a massive roar from the audience, I witnessed a furious moshpit happen before the band. Being young at that time, my sister was there to make sure I didn’t join in. Yeah, at that time I’m pretty sure I was happy where I was. It was so loud that my ears were ringing during the following weekend, three days in total. Nonetheless, I had an amazing time. For now I say bring it on, Dave. I’ll be in the pit this time.

MEGADETH live in Singapore
7 August 2012
Fort Canning Park