9 reasons not to miss Lucy Rose Manila Cinema Tour 2017

9 reasons not to miss Lucy Rose Manila Cinema Tour 2017

We're just a little more than a week away from Lucy Rose's Manila Cinema Tour and we couldn't be more excited! The British singer-songwriter and her career so far possess much to be admired, and if you need any more convincing that her upcoming Manila concert is well worth-attending, we've got you covered.

Bandwagon Live

Lucy's Manila Cinema Tour marks the inaugural show for Bandwagon's new concert series, Bandwagon Live, where we bring international and regional acts to our shores. With Lucy Rose being our first ever guest, there remains a lot of ground to cover and explore. (Stay tuned for who we might bring to the country next!)

Something's Changing, the new record

Photo from Lucy Rose's Facebook page

Lucy Rose's current tour is in support of her third studio album Something's Changing, her first release since parting ways with Columbia Records and then going on to work with independent label Communion RecordsSomething's Changing is arguably Lucy's tightest album, which puts her vocals and limited instrumentation at the foreground. It possesses the perfect kind of restraint that would allow the tracks to stand on their own even if it were just Lucy on a piano or with a guitar. The album also made way for collaborations, most notably with English folk trio The Staves who lent their harmonious vocal chops to "Floral Dresses" as well as with Daughter's Elena Tonra for "Soak it Up."

'Something's Changing' is out now. Purchase or stream it here.

Watch Lucy Rose - The Making of Something's Changing:

Something's Changing - the short film

Complementing the 11-track album is the documentary of the same name which follows Lucy's travels around South America in 2016. Free from the pressures of a major label, Lucy made her way across the continent with a tour made possible by her fans, which inevitably informed the making of her third album. While Lucy won't be treating us to music akin to bossa nova anytime soon, her experience taking risks and meeting new friends allowed space for some self-discovery and introspection that became apparent in her songwriting. 

Watch the trailer for "Something's Changing":

Humble origins

For those who might not know, Lucy's career catapulted with the help of fellow Brits and indie rock band Bombay Bicycle Club. Lucy first lent her angelic vocals on the band's acoustic second album and its title track "Flaws," which paved the way for regular back-up vocal stints on the band's third and fourth albums.

Frontman Jack Steadman, in turn, lent himself to Lucy's solo endeavors, providing back-up vocals for one of Lucy's more popular songs, "Shiver." The Classroom Session below also features Bombay Bicycle Club drummer Suren de Saram on the keys.

Vocal versatility

While Lucy possesses one of the most mellow vocals we'll ever hear, one would be surprised how far those soft tones can go. She's collaborated with hiphop artist and producer Logic twice, first for "Innermission" from the producer's 2015 album The Incredible True Story, and again for "Anziety" from this year's Everybody.

Bandwagon TV also caught an exclusive rap attempt from Lucy, alongside other Neon Lights 2016 acts BADBADNOTGOOD, Neon Indian, and .gif.

Another on her list of collaborations is 2013's "This Sullen Welsh Heart" with the Manic Street Preachers.

A bonus: this far less whiny (and far more British) cover of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" which swaps Band-Aids for plasters:

Third time's the charm

Lucy Rose first stepped onto our shores in 2014 for the second edition of Wanderland Music and Arts Festival, followed by another show two years later in 12 Monkeys presented by Bandwagon and Singapore's Symmetry Entertainment. Now before you think we've had too much of Lucy in such a short span of time, she's been making stops here in support of whatever her most recent release is which means there's always going to be something new to look forward to.

Watch Lucy Rose perform 'Bikes' at 12 Monkeys:


Speaking of new things to look forward to, Lucy will be performing as part of a trio this time around, bringing two session musicians along with her. She performed with a full band back in Wanderland, and solo with just her and a guitar in 12 Monkeys, so it would be interesting to find how an album like Something's Changing would translate with a trio.


Lucy's current lineup of merchandise doesn't include your usual posters and stickers, but rather some delectable delights like her very own tea blend (a mix of English Breakfast and Earl Grey called "Builder's Grey") and some South American blend chocolate, made especially by her best friend, with Brazilian sugar and beans from Peru and Ecuador. We aren't sure if these goods are making their way to Manila, but we've got our fingers crossed that Lucy might have some on hand! Otherwise, we can always order from her website.

19 East

While located farther down south than what some of us are used to, Saturday night's venue boasts of having the best sound among other gig places and clubs in the metro. With its world-class equipment complementing ample floor space, its intimate atmosphere will surely lend itself to the night's festivities, from the documentary screening, to Lucy's show, all the way to the afterparty. We'll be treated to some dynamic lighting and visuals with just enough space for everybody.

Not quite sure how to get to 19 East? Key in your trip here:

Bandwagon Live: Lucy Rose Manila Cinema Tour is happening at 19 East on September 16, 2017. Get limited tickets here.

Online - 1,700 PHP*

At the Door - 2,000 PHP*

*Ticket includes short film screening, live performance by Lucy Rose and band, and access to the afterparty.

Lucy Rose Manila Cinema Tour 2017 is presented by Bandwagon in cooperation with ATC Live. 

Speical thanks to our Official Hotel Partner, Crimson Hotel.