Medan-based Pijar puts out 'tropical' new single — listen

Medan-based Pijar puts out 'tropical' new single — listen

Looks like someone's in the mood for vacation. It's April anyway and counting down your way out of May, June and July might strike the inspiration chord for a lot of bands—Medan-based Pijar being one of them.

With 'Tropis,' their new single (out through Orca Music), the sun rests on Jakjek (vocals), Ichan (guitar), Lizam (bass) and Aul (drums) and imbues their music with its glory (or heat, if you're the cynical type). 

I mean, look at the header photo. Fun! Don't know if it's more fun than the tour they went on from Jakarta to Bali or making their first LP Exposure  last year, but this is the headspace Pijar arrived at: poised and giddy to do some more.

And that includes their upcoming mini-LP they're set to release sometime this year. 

Watch 'Tropis' lyric video below: