Chaos and camaraderie at Metal United World Wide Singapore - photo gallery

Chaos and camaraderie at Metal United World Wide Singapore - photo gallery

Earlier this month, metalheads braved the sweltering heat on a Saturday afternoon for Metal United World Wide, a congress of sorts for local metal bands of all stripes. 

2018 was the inaugural year of MUWW, an international event initiated by Black Roos Entertainment in Australia where metal shows take place in countries all over the world on the same day, 5 May. Singapore’s edition was organised by Vent Box Productions with support from the larger metal community at large, many of whom pitched in before the event to make MUWW happen.

The heat on 5 May was truly not to be fucked with, and SLED Productions x Decline – Singapore’s latest venue du jour for sweaty, heavy underground gigs – isn’t the most ventilated of locations. But metalheads certainly weren’t going to miss the stellar lineup put together for Singapore’s first MUWW outing, which included bands that had been long dormant or inactive, like Meltgsnow and Bastardized

Although the lineup stayed wobbly even days before the event – Asilent dropped out because of unforeseen circumstances – MUWW was unquestionably a sold-out success. There was beer and camaraderie, and the decibels radiating from the Yu Li Industrial Building could be heard probably a few streets away. (And the noise didn’t stop even after Wormrot played their last note, thanks to the tipsy metalheads giving their best rendition of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ near the lifts.)

Here’s our mostly complete gallery of what went down at Singapore's Metal United World Wide 2018.


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Special thanks to Vent Box Productions for the invite.