Join Michaela Therese and Aya Sekine for an intimate musical interview over whisky

Join Michaela Therese and Aya Sekine for an intimate musical interview over whisky

Far from being just a regular ol' solo performance for renowned soul songstress Michaela Therese (though that would be awesome in of itself), her forthcoming showcase at The Music Salon next week should prove to be something far more special.

As part of Vol. 6 of the ongoing SPEAKLOW! SPEAKEASY Music Sessions, this upcoming event presented by Bon Goût Music sees the pianist, songwriter and lead singer for neo-soul and funk outfit Listen and Believe (aka L.A.B) opening up about her passions and profession in front of her audience in a way fans will rarely experience in a public setting.

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Watch Michaela Therese perform 'Make You Think' with Aya Sekine as part of L.A.B

Appropriately dubbed as The Naked Soul, this will be an intimate music and talk session with Michaela where where she will be challenged to pick and perform songs from memory lane and the songs she loved before she was artistically inclined.

Curator and famed jazz pianist Aya Sekine will be conducting and fashioning the interview around the songs she has chosen hoping to gain insight into "her upbringings in Singapore as well as her current views and passion about her life and environment she strives to live in."

Held within the quiet and hidden shophouse of The Music Salon, attendees will also be served with complimentary whisky provided by Naked Grouse, a deluxe version from Famous Grouse. Sounds like it'll be a warm and insightful evening of music and conversation with two world-class female musicians.

This event takes place at The Music Salon on Friday, August 19 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Tickets can be purchased here.