Bandwagon Mixtape of the Month #1: Sud Ballecer's Steamin' 2016

Bandwagon Mixtape of the Month #1: Sud Ballecer's Steamin' 2016

Starting this month, we will be inviting a special guest to curate a themed playlist for the Bandwagon audience. The themes, prescribed by the Bandwagon team, revolve around significant events during each month; each guest then interprets the given theme according to their fancy.  

Known for silky-smooth tunes you can't help but groove along to, Filipino alternative soul band SUD tells it like it is when it comes to showing the world what it means for music to be "sexy".       

Formed in 2011, the band has undergone numerous member changes and is now more solid than ever with its current lineup: the original trio Sud Ballecer on vocals and guitar, Marc Reyes on bass, and Jimbo Cuenco on drums, joined by Kohl Aguilar on piano, Carlos Dela Fuente on saxophone, Sam Valenia on lead guitars, and Carlo Maraingan on percussions. Their varied musical influences – rock, jazz, R&B, funk, soul – are expertly molded to bring forth one sweet awakening after another.

Through the years, SUD has developed a huge following, with their songs "Smilky", "Profanities", and "Sila" being popular favourites. On January 29, the band will finally have their highly-anticipated first album launch at Route 196 in Quezon City. The album, the aptly named SKIN, is sure to bring in all the steamy "feels" as the two-disc, 16-track record will not only contain SUD's top hits and new songs, but also feature poetry by well-known spoken word group Words Anonymous.     

Joining us, then, is frontman Sud Ballecer, who, along with his sultry vocals, has been made famous by his ever-recognisable afro. Many associate the band's name with him, but, according to the original members, what actually inspired them to adopt the name was Sud's tattoo, an inscription which meant, "From delight, we came into existence."

It is the same thought from which the band continues to create their music, and it is in this same manner that Sud embraces the New Year to bring our first Bandwagon Mixtape of the Month. Through this, Sud ushers in 2016 by reminding us of his band's perpetual promise – that our pleasure is their mission, baby