Mosaic Music Festival 2013 Special: Bandwagon Picks Part One

Ah decision making. To kick off our series of Mosaic Specials, here is what we think you should catch in March. We suggest that you mix it up a bit - some soul, staple indie rock, keepin' it classy with jazz, add in an acoustic type, be prepared, because this is only Part One! Also comes with a bonus playlist. 


They’re an ‘indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY’ but before you roll your eyes, know that the ‘indie rock band from Brooklyn, NY’ genre is a very, very diverse genre (Japanese hipsy rock, it exists in Brooklyn). Described with key words such as: harmony-draped, noise rock, chamber folk, psychedelic pop, critics just love Grizzly Bear. It is not hard to see why. All four members play a part in harmonies led by Ed Droste’s haunting and sombre vocals while dabbling with various instruments, they write intelligent and complex music, released a couple of strong albums under their belt, and the portfolio of peculiar music videos is a bonus. It’s a no brainer, just go see Grizzly Bear live.

Essential listening: Two Weeks, Gun-Shy, Yet Again


Better known as the non-beardy ½ of Angus and Julia Stone, this sibling is now flying solo. It is obvious that she has retained the folk-alt sound of the brother-sister partnership. Julia Stone delivers her repertoire of songs with a fragile, almost childlike warble, adding an element of wistful sadness to her songs, usually romantic, personal and confessional. Prepare to be captivated by this lady’s charms and graces at Mosaic!

Essential listening: And The Boys, Justine, Bloodbuzz Ohio


As a bandleader, Miles Davis garnered and mentored some of the most prominent musicians of the 20th century, who each went to redefine music in their own right. Now, the music and legacy of sophisticated jazz and blues master, Miles Davis lives on in Miles Smiles.Consisting of an alumnus of all-star, prodigious players who played in his bands, this coming together to pay tribute to one of the genre’s greatest will be a monumental jazz event for all.

Essential listening: All Blues, So What, Blues MD


The Grammy Awards does it right sometimes. In 2011 when Esperanza Spalding beat out the other mainstream pop and rock contemporaries and category, it surprised many and angered a lot of Justin Bieber fans (they’re always angry). Then again, we’re glad the awards people recognize good talent. Particularly skilled at her instrument of choice, Esperanza Spalding blends low bass lines with her soaring vocals, she keeps jazz music fresh and updated for new fans of the genre.

Essential listening: Black Gold, I Know You Know, Little Fly


Although only 25, Joss Stone is supremely gifted in the genre of soul and blues. She burst into the scene at the age of 16 and launched herself to considerable acclaim in both the US and the UK. Still despite of doing in for years and seeing the advent of new music trends, she’s still sticking to this old soul genre, respect. Stone sings with the conviction of a jaded older woman, throaty and raspy, sensuous and aching so no judging this book from its cover.

Essential listening: The High Road, While You're Out Looking For Sugar, Fell In Love With A Boy