Museum Sounds

Tilda Swinton slept in a glass box there once before, as curious onlookers watched. Also in public view, Marina Abramovic sat on a chair staring at persons sitting on an opposite chair. When it comes to peculiar activity, NYC's MoMa is no stranger. 

Like earlier today, when there was A Lot Of Sorrow going on at the museum itself. Or not. As part of Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson's original installment for the museum (aptly titled A Lot Of Sorrow), gloom rockers The National performed their song "Sorrow" for six hours straight. Anybody want to guess what's on the setlist for this gig?

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According to a statement by MoMa, "By stretching a single pop song into a day-long tour de force the artist continues his explorations into the potential of repetitive performance to produce sculptural presence within sound."


For the encore, The National played "Sorrow"

While this functions more as an art installment than a gig, the MoMA continues to push boundaries in the art world. Immersive art, interactive art, art that talks, that moves, that sings; it no longer means a painting on the wall anymore. Holding musical performances in museums is not a new thing for sure. Closer to home, we have the MAAD Sounds series that showcases local bands in the ambient setting that is the Red Dot Design Museum. 

MAAD (Market of Artists and Designers) is a collective of our local design and arts community. Held monthly on a Friday night, the museum turns into a buzzing late night spot for live music from local talents and an opportunity for you to do some late night shopping at the art market. Think good music, lots of beer, and trunkloads of trinkets and things (mostly handmade) for you to purchase. 

This May 10, MAAD Sounds will be featuring electro-pop group I Hate This Place and the folky sounds of modern troubadour Jonathan Meur. Drop by! 

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