New music Fri-yay: head into the weekend with a bevy of Singaporean pop releases

New music Fri-yay: head into the weekend with a bevy of Singaporean pop releases

As we have become accustomed to, Friday is now the de facto drop day for artists all over the world! Of course, the TGIF tactic is great for music fans seeking aural company as work begins to fade away, but its also been keeping us music journalists on our toes as the end of every week.

The practice is no different here in Singapore, with plenty of artists looking to unveil hot new singles, eye-catching music videos, or freshly-minted records in time for the weekend. We've been blessed with much outstanding local music over the last few Fridays, but even by our jaded standards, July 14th was something pretty special.

We were treated to three major pop releases today — best of all, each one brought something different to this metaphorical sonic potluck.

M1LDL1FE take on dream pop with 'How You Forget'

Newly rebranded indie-pop outfit M1LDl1FE really crystallize their new direction on their latest offering entitled 'How You Forget'. They've injected a much-needed dose of wistfulness into their pop-centric songwriting — the mid-tempo tune blossoms with unraveling guitars, treated with the kind of reverb that reinforces the sheer despondency of the lyrics.

Submerse yourself in The Sam Willows' new lyric video for 'Save Myself'


With a little over a month left until The Sam Willows fly to Japan to perform at Summer Sonic 2017, the Singaporean pop act have re-emerged with a brand new single. The downtempo anthem also comes with an engaging lyric video depicting a girl struggling underwater — a visual representation of the song's lyrical themes of distress.

Obedient Wives Club soundtracks 60s' girl-pop romanticism on new EP, Cinematica

Just one day before Obedient Wives Club make their triumphant return onstage at Baybeats Festival 2017, the "Spectorgaze" outfit have dropped their long-awaited new EP online. Toning down their fuzzy lo-fi sound and reverb-drenched aesthetic, OWC's dream retro sound now feels lusher, aided by a flourish of string, horn and synth elements.

Theodora returns with melancholic single in the month of 'July'

'July' is the initial end result of singer-songwriter Theodora's creative slump, and it's deftly evocative as an emotional pop song made for the bedroom — all intertwined with the concept of loss as the track takes a “deep glance at [everything] loved and lost, irrelative to time and chronology”.