Niki Colet croons 'You Still Show Up in My Dreams' - listen

Niki Colet croons 'You Still Show Up in My Dreams' - listen

It hasn’t been that long since singer-songwriter Niki Colet has graced the Bandwagon Brunch stage when she surprised us with another treat this morning: her newest single ‘You Still Show Up in My Dreams’ is now out on Spotify.

Produced by Ean Aguila of Ang Bandang Shirley, mixed and mastered by Roy Macasaet, and with Mikee Colet on the guitar, the track went through an intricate collaborative process that was made with care and much precision (it actually took four months before the mix and master was finalized!)

"At the time I had written the song, I was going through a creative dry spell. I knew I wanted to record it, but also that I had a very specific sound and feeling in mind, so I had to choose the song's producer carefully,” she recounts. “One night, I was driving home and listening to Jam 88.3 when this song started playing, and it was so beautiful that I was literally rendered breathless. I was amazed to find out that the artist was a friend of mine, Lily Gonzales (of The Ransom Collective). I found out from her that Ean produced the song, so I approached him and we worked on it together.” 

‘You Still Show Up in My Dreams’ is Niki's "dream-child," with its music and lyrics being inspired by a series of “sad and kind of beautiful” dreams she has had and has taken note of in different moments of her life.

Each verse in the song depicts a different dream, and the same character reappearing over and over again throughout those dreams. The song touches on the idea that even though someone is no longer in your life, or even though you've changed and become a different person, the past will always remain with you, in a way, because of who it has turned you into. Not even in the sense that you can't get over it, because of course everybody moves on. Instead, it's kind of like a metaphor for knowing that there will always be a part of you immortalized in that place and time you were in when you experienced something or knew someone special. But of course, that's not reality - when people leave, everyone is supposed to move on. Which is why this person maybe only shows up in your dreams and not in real life."

While the song in itself is almost somber and quite melancholic, Niki explains that the song goes beyond being sentimental.

“Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes things can only exist in a certain place and time,” she explains. “And it might be sad when certain moments in your life over, but also, kind of beautiful to have whatever special thing it was in your past. It's part of what made you into who you are in the present.