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After two years, Obedient Wives Club returns with 'Baby Bye Bye' — listen

After two years, Obedient Wives Club returns with 'Baby Bye Bye' — listen

After two years, Obedient Wives Club returns with a new single ‘Baby Bye Bye’.

After their last EP release That Boy / This Is It back in 2015, the band went on a bit of a hiatus as their individual members became pre-occupied with side-projects such as NO PANTZ, Riot !n Magenta and TOMGIRL.

Thankfully though, the OWC train is ready to roll again, and their new single is a fine return to "Spectorgaze" form with its charming mix of lo-fi and reverbs. That being said, the new track also marks an interesting evolution for the band.

As guitarist Keith Tan explains on social media, "We've removed the fuzz, removed the barely audible vocals, added strings, horns, a lot more keyboards and synth, and 1 or 2 more chords."

This drums-driven single evokes a dreamy mood, buoyed by misty and melancholic and melody.

On top of this welcome surprise single, they will be also be releasing a new album entitled CINEMATICA on 14 July, so keep an ear out for that one!

Just like ‘Baby Bye Bye’ that seems to bring you back to a nostalgic, bygone era, their upcoming album is said to be “running music from the distant past through a noisy filter”.

While you await CINEMATICA, listen to their new single below.

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