Oddshore releases debut single 'Do You Remember' – listen

Oddshore releases debut single 'Do You Remember' – listen

New kid on the block Oddshore has just put out their promising debut single, 'Do You Remember'.

The track starts off with a high-pitched, upbeat synth melody that softens as Melina K’s (formerly of The Great White Lark) breezy vocals chime in, almost to the effect of floating atop the tune. Especially captivating is the punchy but smooth bassline that complements Melina’s vocals and adds character to the track. Fans of Obedient Wives Club and Subsonic Eye should take a listen.

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The members that make up the four-piece indie-pop group are vocalist Melina K, guitarist Jon Chia, bassist William Lim, and drummer Damien Ng. Here's hoping we hear more from them soon.

Listen to 'Do You Remember' by Oddshore below: