On the Record: MMXJ

On the Record: MMXJ

In the world of immense, fist-pumping EDM, the importance of 'vibes' and the idea of a good time is preached at every live event that tends to fill up venues these days. For Singaporean producer MMXJ, he understands that completely with his muscular dance-pop debut Into the Wild, which is now available.

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We took MMXJ to task about the records that have shaped him and, despite putting out his first full-length album, he's clearly infatuated more with songs than with full albums, but who can blame him? Here are his picks.

The Record That Inspired My Own

Alesso's ‘Years’ that came out in 2012. This single inspired me to learn to produce dance music because its sound is so incredibly uplifting and anthemic.


The Record That Makes Me Cry

Coldplay's ‘Fix You’. It’s one of my all time favourite songs. 


The Record That Brings Me Back to Secondary School

Blink 182's ‘All The Small Things’. I was in a punk rock band in secondary school and this was our favourite song to play during our sets.


The Record That Defines My Childhood

Yellowcard's ‘Ocean Avenue’. Brings back so many memories of spending countless hours with friends hanging out by the beach.


The Record That Inspires Me To Be Better

Switchfoot's ‘This Is Your Life’. “This is your life, are you who you wanna be?” That lyric always served as inspiration to me to do good and be a better person.


The Record That Disappointed Me On First Listen

Avicii's ‘Pure Grinding’. But it’s since grown on me. 


The Record That Perks Me Up In The Morning

Lost Kings' ‘Bad (ft. Jessame)’. Essential new tune.


The Record That’s Hard To Stop Listening To

KRNE's ‘Movin’’. Irresistibly catchy chord progressions in this one. 


The Record That Made My Year in 2015

Audien's ‘Something Better (ft. Lady Antebellum)’. Beautiful melody and lyrics; something I can relate to at this point in my life. 


The Record That Scared Me As A Child

Haha I honestly don’t have one. Music’s always been my escape and a safe place for me. I rarely watch horror films so I haven’t heard many dark or scary records so far.


The Record That I’ve Gotten Sick Of

Adele's ‘Hello’. 

MMXJ's Into the Wild is now available on digital format.