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Articles with Clarence Chan's photos

The Riskiness of Bringing In Bands (And Why It Involves Us)

It’s not hard to admit that Singapore has a volatile market for music lovers. We’re considered a small country. Apparently we’re even more than... Read more »

Enter the Boiler Room with Thris Tian

If you've digested your fair share of electronic music, you would've seen at least one Boiler Room set. You might've stumbled upon a YouTube video ... Read more »

Victoria Le Grand: Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall Reopens

After going through four long years of refurbishment, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall is finally opening its historic doors once again, s... Read more »

Of Rock, Roots and TImbre: An Interview with Danny Loong

“Sometimes you forget, that’s the problem,” Danny Loong says as he waxes lyrical about his love for music. We met Danny at Timbre Music Academy... Read more »