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Articles with Elliot Lee's photos

Reflections: The Sam Willows' Benjamin Kheng on Starting a Band

There are two questions you never really want to hear during family gatherings – the “Why you start a band?” and “Ah you can sing, right? You sing ... Read more »

F1 Weekend Report: Part Three

You’d know that the world had descended upon Singapore when you had to stand among 65,000 people to witness the performance of one of today’s h... Read more »

Of Rock, Roots and TImbre: An Interview with Danny Loong

“Sometimes you forget, that’s the problem,” Danny Loong says as he waxes lyrical about his love for music. We met Danny at Timbre Music Academy... Read more »

Timbre Rock & Roots 2013: The Report

The sea of black Led Zeppelin t-shirts on the first day (although a Joy Division Unknown Pleasures and a Pink Floyd shirt were visible) was a... Read more »

Bandwagon's 2012 in Photos

And now we have come to the end of the road with 2012. Through the chaos of screaming aunties on trains, mustachioed men making viral videos, peo... Read more »

An Englishman In Singapore: Sting Live At The Indoor Stadium

The last two times he was here (both in 2008), Sting showed us two different sides of him. He rocked the Indoor Stadium with the much-anticipated... Read more »

Two Days with Greyson Chance: Live In Singapore

Day 01 “Do you want me to hold the magazine? Yeah, I know what to do!” Greyson Chance says good-naturedly as he obliges for a photo with Indones... Read more »

Baybeats 2012: The Report

FACT: The planning for the line-up took 8 whole months for the Baybeats team, from the first cut of about 50 bands that were put together interna... Read more »

Onboard This Train: Live In Singapore

Once upon a time, trains were actually rapid, dependable and the epitome of modern society. Of course, we all know it is now a thing of the past ... Read more »

How To Make People Laugh And Appreciate Music: Axis Of Awesome in Singapore

It is a pretty good idea to combine (a) great sense of humour, (b) a set of musical skills and (c) pressing issues of today; like how to dance to... Read more »