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Articles with Ilyas Sholihyn's photos

Are There Enough Mid-Sized Venues in Singapore?

Three weeks ago, a few of our local brethren played the Esplanade Concert Hall for House of Riot. The night was symbolic for being the last-eve... Read more »

A Fashion Label, an Exhibition and a Sex Pistol: The Assimilation of Punk

What is punk? Is it a music style, an ideology, a type of fashion? Could it be all of those at once? The complications of genres that have such... Read more »

Spotify in Singapore presents Hunter Hayes on Spotify Sessions

When Spotify hit Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia in April 2013, the music streaming platform further strengthened their presence when they als... Read more »

Dust On The Ground: Bombay Bicycle Club Live In Singapore

When frontman Jack Steadman of Bombay Bicycle Club stumbled around awkwardly in static and through rewinds and fast-forwards, accompanied by jang... Read more »

Baybeats 2014: The Report

All through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we found ourselves running around the Esplanade grounds for Baybeats 2014, consuming heaps of local, re... Read more »

Majulah Singapura: 100 Bands Festival

Yes it just happened: one hundred Singaporean bands in a live music extravaganza so large it had to be stretched across three weekends. At the en... Read more »

Unearthed and Across Seas: An Interview with Inch Chua

Her story began when she wanted to be a policewoman and in the CID as a child. And of course, our favourite local cop show Triple 9 had something... Read more »

Tropic Thunder: The Trees and the Wild + Deerhoof Live in Singapore

It was just like how anyone would've liked a gig to end. Everyone dancing, including the band playing on stage, including the band who played bef... Read more »

Behind The Scenes: 100 Bands Festival

In recent years, a number of major music festivals have cropped up in Singapore with the likes of Laneway Music Festival, Camp Symmetry and to an... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Sphaeras

Sphaeras came out of nowhere and completely took us by (pleasant) surprise with their compellingly intelligent meld of post-rock and math-rock,... Read more »