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Articles with Shaun Tan's photos

Let Them Sing: Bring Me The Horizon Live In Singapore

Where did all the music go? You know, colour-coded stacks of records, mellifluous scripture placating lyrical propaganda, release dates; it’s al... Read more »

Syndicate: Africa Hitech + Beat Invitational

Eclectic electronic act Africa Hitech will be coming down for a show this Saturday, in a joint collaboration between Syndicate, Home Club and Red... Read more »

These Brittle Bones x Esther Lowless: An Acoustic Adventure

Chris Jones, or more familiarly known as the young prodigy behind These Brittle Bones has impressed us time and time again with his gloomy folk m... Read more »

Bandwagon Guest List: Two Seas

They don't like labels on their music but Two Seas sure have a definite and distinct sound. We're super glad that they came to us earlier this year... Read more »

Beer Market: On Birthdays and Revolutions

What to expect at Beer Market on a usual day: a cosy night, a round (or a few) of beer, a band playing familiar favourites, a chance to kick ba... Read more »

The After Glow: Bright Lights and Neon Sights at The Pump Room

Trivia: In Sweden, people have lunchtime discos and daytime raves, forgoing their leisure lunch breaks and al-desko dining. Bah, but none of th... Read more »

Premonitions: Deftones Live In Singapore

It was a chilly night back in 2011, February if I’m not mistaken. Among the sea of eager fans, I stood waiting for the mighty Deftones to come ... Read more »

Singapore Social Day 1: Blush/Carly Rae Jepsen/PSY/Cee Lo Green

Singapore Social? What is that? Yeah I wasn’t so sure too at first. The good people at Starcount brought in a multitude of world-class acts to ... Read more »

Future Music Festival Asia 2013/ASOT 600 KL: The Report (Part II)

Here it is, Part II of our Future Music Festival Asia 2013 / ASOT 600 KL Report. We've come to the end of another great festival! Full of really us... Read more »

Future Music Festival Asia 2013/ASOT 600 KL: The Report

The A to Z of FMFA 2013 & ASOT600KL Music festivals always have spot in our hearts. It’s the whole experience of catching your favorite band... Read more »