Purveyr calls on local bands and musicians to join the Pursuit Fair

Purveyr calls on local bands and musicians to join the Pursuit Fair

Purveyr presents Pursuit Fair,  the brand's first effort in gathering the "thoughtful and passionate local brands and businesses" they have been promoting since day one of the brand's inception. In partnership with Warehouse Eight, Sunday Elephant Creatives, and Logiclub, the event takes place on December 10, 1 pm to 10 pm at Warehouse Eight. It also serves as the Purveyr Magazine Issue 2 launch. 

Pursuit Fair will feature local brands and artisan food such as Wear Anika, Tenement, boy in transit's #girlintransit, The Ilustrados, Proudrace, Sushi Nori, Bandwagon Music Market alums TUSK Social and PundesalBasic Commodity and more. Performances will be courtesy of Logiclub. 

Pursuit Fair's goal is to gather the community together and provide a space for local brands to present themselves and sell their products. They have now extended this invitation to local bands and musicians. Pursuit Fair will have a dedicated space at the event for local albums and EPs. Interested parties may contact Marvin at marvin@purveyr.com until December 7. 


In addition to goods from local brands, we'd also like to create a space for local music at the #PursuitFair. A space where we can browse and buy local albums and EPs, and celebrate local music. • Send an email to marvin@purveyr.com if interested. Tag your favorite musicians and bands too!

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Special Admission tickets are priced at 150 PHP each and available online (inclusive of Php 100 shopping discount, Purveyr sticker pack, and Pursuit booklet). General Admission tickets are available at the door for 80 PHP each (inclusive of Pursuit booklet).