Randolf Arriola's ambitious Y2K Live Loop Asia festival embarks on a four-city tour

Randolf Arriola's ambitious Y2K Live Loop Asia festival embarks on a four-city tour

Singaporean live looping artist Randolf Arriola isn't just the premiere figure in the live loop scene in Singapore, he's internationally renowned as one of the very best in the world. And as the founder of the Live Loop Asia online community, Arriola is certainly the ideal man to be placed as the director of Y2K16's Live Loop Asia International Festival Tour.

Being a veteran of the Y2K circuit himself, headlining events everywhere from Santa Cruz, California and Santiago, Chile to London, England and Florence, Italy - he is indeed renowned as one of the faces of the festival around the world. And back in 2014, Arriola successfully held the first Y2K Live Looping Festival in Asia.

Held in Singapore and Bangkok, that first iteration featured Singaporean acts such as Bani Haykel, SA (仨) and weish, alongside Japan's Mandoman Hideki (Japan); Thailand's Stylish Nonsense, Jin Matutamtada, and Kasemsmai Wongchayasilpa, and the Netherlands' ParaSabda and Wil Kolen.

Building off the success of those virgin events, the sophomore edition of the Y2K16 Live Loop Asia International Festival Tour will now be expanding to four Southeast Asian cities, adding dates in Manila and Kuala alongside slots in its original host cities.

And as Arriola describes, this one is set to be bigger and better than before: "This year we’re proud to feature 34 local, regional and international artists. Lineups include everyone from professional performers to ‘weekend warriors’ and everything in-between, who span the gamut of musical genres from singer-songwriter, beat boxing, freestyle, ambient and experimental.”

Headliners include American experimental musician James Sidlo who will be making his Asian debut, Filipino singer-songwriters Enrique de Dios, Zsaris Mendioro, Tagumpay and freestylist PJ Martinez, Pakistani experimental guitarist Faisal Mahmood Khan, Hong Kong's Duke Sexton and Malaysian sound artist Goh Lee Kwang.

Of course, the Singapore contingent for the festival is also really strong, featuring representatives such as artist and bassist Andy Yang, singer-songwriter Zeeaura and experimentalists Kai Lam and Lin Yee.

The dazzling and diverse list of performers will be key in helping the audience "experience a range of creativity, methods, styles, sounds and personal approaches explored through the use of live looping,” explains Arriola.

And best of all, since the tour and all affiliate performances are not-for-profit, admission to performances in all cities are free! Although kind donations are certainly welcomed to help offset event costs.

For a full lineup of performers, please visit Live Loop Asia's official website. The festival's exact dates locations and are listed below:


Friday, 18 November: A SPACE (From 8pm)

Saturday, 19 November: Le Café Curieux (From 8pm)

Sunday, 20 November: Z Hostel (From 9pm)


Friday, 25 November: Artistry (From 7pm)

Saturday, 26 November: Artistry (From 7pm)

Sunday, 28 November:  Hive by Wala Wala (From 1pm to 5pm)

Sunday, 28 November: Artistry (From 8pm)

Kuala Lumpur (1 December 2016)

Thursday, 1 December: Minut Init (From 8.30pm)

Bangkok (3-4 December 2016)

Saturday, 3 December: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (From 10am to 9pm)

Sunday, 4 December: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (From 10am to 9pm)