Reese Lansangan shares new song, Pocket – watch

Reese Lansangan shares new song, Pocket – watch

Reese Lansangan has been on a break from the live gig circuit since the holidays, but is back with her first new song of 2018! The singer-songwriter unveiled the new track on her social media pages and official newsletter (sign up for the mailing list here) last night (01/24).

Lansangan revealed on her YouTube page that she has written a lot of new material in 2017 and is now in the process of editing and polishing her new songs. 

Over the course of 2017, I’ve been writing a lot of new material - enough for (hopefully) a 2nd album in the near future! I have accumulated quite a number of new stuff, which I’ve purposely hidden away from people because I’m still in the process of editing and polishing them.

I think there’s always a fear of putting out “raw” content on my Youtube channel, as there is a certain finality that comes with having to upload things online. However, I wanted to make you guys a part of my journey, so I’m sharing with you this brand new song I finished last night.

The first verse of this has been written last October 2017, but I’ve lost interest in pushing it after a few minutes of fiddling with my ukulele and just left the song snippet in the back burner."

Watch Reese Lansangan perform 'Pocket':

Lansangan is set to perform alongside the likes of Hale, Mayonnaise, Leanne and Naara, and more at Maligayang Naarawan! on February 8 at Route 196. 

Reese Lansangan's latest EP, Of Sound Mind and Memory is now available via her online store.