On RRR this week, we lay out our earliest concert memories and our Coldplay song requests

On RRR this week, we lay out our earliest concert memories and our Coldplay song requests

New time slot, but same ol' RRR! Bandwagon's fledgling podcast series will be coming to you on Mondays from now on so you'll have our informative voices to keep you company during the work week (and help you plan for the weekend). 

This week's episode finds Daniel and Hidzir discussing surprising songs that Coldplay fans are requesting for their concert, and some of our earliest concert memories (ranging from Michael Jackson to Good Charlotte).

But outside of those two major topics, this was a less structured conversation with plenty of interesting digressions, including detours into the definition of emo music, and even a discussion about the evolution of R&B from its African-American blues roots to its modern-day electronic incarnation dubbed as alt-R&B.

And as always, we look forward to this weekend's happenings such as The Henderson Project's 50-piece orchestra ode to Zouk, The Observatory's performance with a 30-piece guitar orchestra, the EP launch for Singapore's first all-girl hardcore band Obstacle Upsurge, the return of Revision Music's drum & bass night Sub City, and plenty more!

Also, we play new music from Ysa Yaneza, Navire Creux, Evanturetime's collaboration with Yllis and Axel, Sam Rui's team-up with Malaysia's alextbh and Indonesia's glaskaca

You can download this week's episode here.

Recent Record Reviews used to be a video series where the Bandwagon editors talked about records (that are recent). We're now a weekly podcast, because we have faces for radio.

But more than just albums, RRR has now expanded its scope to present everything from events and news to single premieres! So tune in to hear your hosts Daniel Peters and Hidzir Junaini (and the occasional special guest) candidly discussing the current affairs of regional music.