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*SCAPE Invasion helps usher in ZoukOut with pre-event party

*SCAPE Invasion helps usher in ZoukOut with pre-event party

The youth-centered mission of *SCAPE Invasion might not sound like the likeliest of partners with outdoor dance music festival ZoukOut, but both are ardent champions of Singaporean artists. Now, they've built a solid bridge for everyone to participate in — well, at least those invited.

Presenting The Pre-ZoukOut Party, it'll be held at festival *SCAPE The Invasion, also serving as the event's after-party. Curated by Zouk and alternative radio station Lush 99.5, the party will feature three of Singapore's best and brightest deck masters — DJ KoFlow, Darren Dubwise and Lincey

Find out more info about *SCAPE The Invasion here

Comment below if you want to score a pair of invites for *SCAPE Invasion's Pre-ZoukOut Party. Just let us know who you're looking forward to see at *SCAPE The Invasion.