Shut up and carry on, it's Metric in Singapore!

Formed in 1988 way before other cool bands, this Toronto-formed, New York nurtured four-piece indie rockers Metric are gracing our shores this month. How often can you actually say that a band has been together for 14 years and counting?

Metric is singer-keyboardist Emily Haines and lead guitarist James Shaw, who got Stephen Hague to work on their debut album. The same Stephen Hague who produced acts like New Order and Pet Shop Boys. Yes, it’s the 80s New Wave/Synthpop sound that Metric delivers. And continue to do so with their 5th album, Synthetica.

Following the tradition of churning anthemic music which they crafted themselves, there are so many notable tracks on this one - 'Dreams So Real' has Haines repeating the verse "I’ll shut up and carry on, the scream becomes a yawn" hynotically along with the almost distorted 4 note synth phrases and the infectious guitar-riff-heavy title track 'Synthetica' will get you singing ‘Hey, I’m not Synthetica!’ in no time.

Their first single, 'Youth Without Youth' is a rebellious one. And rebellion is what Synthetica dabbles with. Synthetica, beyond the danceabilty factor and catchy lines is very angsty. In recent interviews, the band has openly aggrieved on pressing issues such as the state of culture today, policing, feminism... real hardtack. This coming from the same band responsible for earworm 'Gold Guns Girls' and making the Scott Pilgrim movie even more stellar. 

We don't know about you but we admire this quite greatly. Damn right, there's nothing fake about Synthetica.

Thanks to Greenhorn Productions, Metric are set to rock the Esplanade, July 31, 7:30PM. Get your tickets from SISTIC!