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similarobjects' to officially launch Cosmic Sonic Arts with Reflections on Music and Sound

similarobjects' to officially launch Cosmic Sonic Arts  with Reflections on Music and Sound

Jorge Weineke V a.k.a. similarobjects takes musicianship a step further through Cosmic Sonic Arts, a production and mentorship program operating under The One School, where he also teaches music. To be formally launched on May 5 in Black Market, Cosmic Sonic Arts presents its series of talks and workshops called Reflections on Music & Sound, which Weineke describes in a Facebook post:

ROMS (reflections on music and sound) is a series of free talks and workshops that focus on the exploration and exchange of ideas, principles, philosophies, strategies and experiences among some of the Philippines’ most forward-thinking music creators and curators.

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The aim is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the relationship between music and sound as an art. It also exists to unearth and foster a more substantial and refined approach to expression/appreciation/management in the realm of sound.

The launch itself will consist of talks and workshops from musicians and artists from 2PM to 9PM (including BP Valenzuela, Mecha, crwn, Diego Mapa, and similarobjects himself, among others), as well as live performances 9PM onwards from Ize, TheBGNR, Escuri, Olympia, and more. It's open to everyone from musicians to music-lovers alike, whether you're into producing your own music or simply want a deeper connection to it.

Pre-register for the launch here.

Visit the Cosmic Sonic Arts website for more information about classes offered, their respective instructors (among them Weineke himself, Allan Malabanan (a.k.a. Lustbass), Nicholas Lazaro, and Asch Catabona), and testimonials from previous students.

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