Singapore Blog Awards 2013: Bandwagon's New Toys

We’ve kept it to ourselves for a while but we would like you to know that we have been nominated as a Finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 JBL Best Pop/Music Blog category!

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Here’s the bonus: we have in our immediate possession 3 ace wireless speakers, courtesy of JBL to try out and review. You can get your hands on some JBL goodies – voters stand a change to win some speakers of your own. So uh, y’all know what to do.

A busy day at Bandwagon HQ

As a test run, we tried out the different speakers on different mediums. Meaning, we tried on different music genres (a lot of bass, Caspian, toe, Grizzly Bear, Disclosure, a lot of fuzz, Beach House) – because we’re dorks. Guess what? They all sounded pretty sweet on the speakers.

Exercising our duties as a responsible Finalist, it is upon us to take our new toys out for a spin. Which we will in due time, but for now we’d like to introduce you to the Charge, Flip and the Micro Wireless through the medium of photography. Stick around for our adventures with our speakers!

For your own personal research of JBL speakers and products: Website | Facebook